Weight Management

  • Frustration with weight loss or weight management difficulties
  • Stubborn fat around hips & thighs
  • Not eating much but still not losing weight


  • Lifestyle & Nutrition/Diet Assessment: Identify causes of weight gain unique to the client; especially foods that are causing the weight gain.
  • Portion Control: Teach client how to control portions and count calories in an easy fuss-free way.
  • Protein Prep: Identify affordable easy to prepare protein-rich foods.
  • Smart Supplementation: Teach client to use supplements to control stress and improve fat burning; excessive stress in daily life, which leads to recreation of cortisol hormone, causing more fat storage around hips.
  • Fat Burning Exercises: Train client to perform crucial fat burning exercises that are effective for fat loss such as kettle bell swings and squats.


  • Long-term plan for lifelong weight management
  • Average 2kg fat loss per month over period of 3/6/12 months

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