• Feeling overworked and stressed out?

  • Having trouble staying consistent with your diet and training because of a hectic schedule?

  • Afraid you’ll never be able to find the time or motivation to achieve the body and the healthy lifestyle that you dream of?

 Our training and nutrition programs are the solutions that you require.

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  1. Frustration with weight loss or weight management difficulties

  2. Stubborn fat around hips & thighs

  3. Not eating much but still not losing weight


  1. Lifestyle & Nutrition/Diet Assessment: Identify causes of weight gain unique to the client; especially foods that are causing the weight gain.

  2. Portion Control: Teach client how to control portions and count calories in an easy fuss-free way.

  3. Protein Prep: Identify affordable easy to prepare protein-rich foods.

  4. Smart Supplementation: Teach client to use supplements to control stress and improve fat burning; excessive stress in daily life, which leads to recreation of cortisol hormone, causing more fat storage around hips.

  5. Fat Burning Exercises: Train client to perform crucial fat burning exercises that are effective for fat loss such as kettle bell swings and squats.


  1. Long-term plan for lifelong weight management

  2. Average 2kg fat loss per month over period of 3/6/12 months



  1. Difficulty building lean muscle mass; unable to break out of plateau

  2. Lack of motivation

  3. Unable to stomach more food

  4. Training hard but still not getting results

  5. Poor posture due to body shape


  1. Protein Prep: Identify affordable easy to prepare protein-rich foods.

  2. Critical Compound Lifts: Teach progression for all the compound lifts, with emphasis on squats and overhead presses.

  3. Smart Recovery: Design a recovery plan, how to sleep better, supplements to take for recovery and breathing exercises.

  4. Core Training/Functional Strength: Teach exercises that help build a foundation of core strength and proficiency in all the basic movement patterns.


  1. Extremely fast strength gains, big jumps in strength level every 3-6 weeks

  2. Sustained strength, muscle and energy gains over 24 months

  3. Increased social and sport participation with overall increase in quality of life