“I need guidance but I dislike gyms”

Ok, so you got a dilemma. You know exercise is important and you know you need guidance on how to exercise. How can you exercise if you dislike gyms? How can you get coaching if you dislike gyms?

So many Singaporeans and expats who have active lifestyles, confide to me that they find traditional gyms unattractive because the equipment and staff are geared towards serving bodybuilding, and powerlifting communities, and there are only youths and young adults, especially men.

Most Singaporeans have become aware of the importance of cultivating an active lifestyle and regular exercise. Many of our expats come from countries where there is vibrant physical culture (i.e. Germany). There is a strong desire to exercise.

Where’s the help for dancers, golfers, climbers or people who just want better health and “feel better?” The harsh truth is that traditional gym culture is a poor fit for the vast majority of us.

Thus we tend to refer to our gym area as a “training studio” or “fitness space.”
The idea is that you come here and feel at ease. We have an open space and functional training equipment, and our training programs are customised to your goal. In addition we will teach you exercises you can perform outdoors, at home and in the hotel, not just gym exercises.

Look around for training facilities like ours, which are client-centric and have the expertise and equipment for your fitness goal.

“I’m too busy to start an exercise program and there’s no point starting until I can be more consistent or train frequently”

Don’t we all wish we had more time? I know people who are semi-retired and have luxurious amounts of time to train. And I know more than a few idle youths who while away hours in the gym. If you are reading the BFIT blog, it’s likely you are a busy productive person with tons of responsibilities.

For someone in your situation I advise taking a pragmatic approach – come once a week during peak periods, and then more frequently when you can spare the time. Meanwhile on the daily basis, you can do micro workouts – 1 min jogging on the spot, 10 push ups and 10 squats and then get back to work. It may not seem like much, but a little bit of exercise every now and then will do wonders for your energy levels, helping you sustain the stressful busy life you lead. Let me put it another way, if your health deteriorates too much, at some point your ability to do anything else will be compromised.

And the good news is that for beginners or people who have been sedentary for a long time, just doing one session of resistance training a week for 6 – 12 weeks leads to big jump in strength and energy.

Just get started, and we can work towards higher frequency and consistency over time.

Enough Talk,
Let's Begin Now!