Strength & Conditioning

Empower yourself with increased speed and strength! B-Fit’s step by step approach promises a positive training experience that improves performance & confidence regardless of existing ability. Our certified coaches emphasize safe training techniques and injury reduction while maximizing your strength, cardio, agility and sport-specific training (depending on your sport). You will be taught critical, but often overlooked, strength and conditioning exercises that are essential for building a strong foundation to succeed in any sport.

In addition, you will learn injury reduction exercises and techniques. The training program is also paired with a nutrition plan, which the coaches will guide you on implementing into your daily routine. Proper nutrition is essential not just for peak performance but general health and well-being. Trainees who desire a speedier recovery from sore aching muscles can also book in for sport massage.

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  1. Frequent niggling injuries such as sprains

  2. Poor endurance leading to diminished participation in sport

  3. Aches & pains after weekend of recreational sport

  4. Not fast/agile enough 


  1. Posture Assessment: Identify muscle imbalances and train the undertrained muscles.

  2. Core Muscle Strength Testing: Identify causes of poor core stability and teach core-strengthening exercises to build a resilient core.


  1. Long-term reduction of injuries

  2. Superior performance in sport

  3. Increased participation

  4. Move more effectively with increased flexibility and coordination

  5. Understand benefits of strength & conditioning training

  6. Have better understanding on nutrition for pre/intra/post-season

  7. Learn how to perform self-massage techniques for better recovery

  8. Have an edge over your competition

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  1. Long work hours

  2. Frequent travel

  3. Fatigue from working out too hard

  4. Under eating

  5. Poor sleeping habits


  1. Posture Assessment: Identify muscle imbalances and train the undertrained muscles to reduce muscle tightness.

  2. Regular Sports Massage: To ease off tight muscles and to assist in getting better blood circulation which will aid in better recovery.

  3. Proper Guidance with Training: Introduction to weight training, compound movements specifically with proper form and technique. To reduce compensation while doing a specific exercise. Tips on how to cycle your training intensity so you can train regularly even when work and life has you exhausted.

  4. Practical Supplement Regime to ensure you get enough minerals & vitamins (macros). Vitamins & minerals help your body to combat fatigue. 


  1. Better, deeper sleep

  2. Less muscle aches & joint pains

  3. Promotes production of growth hormones which helps the body to build muscle

  4. More relaxed & better quality of life

  5. Better concentration & better productivity at work