Introducing BFit Sports, a unique high intensity, Sports training program! It is designed to help you gain fitness through the element of “play”.

With sports integrated into your training regime, it will transform your take on working out at the gym as well as developing sports skills.



with on-site medical and physiotherapy teams.


with experience across multiple disciplines.



Jay Pal
Sports Coach

“Work until your idols become your rivals”

Jay’s extensive background covers a multitude of sports training including, but not limited to Football, Floorball and Hockey.

He prides himself on his positive coaching style and altering training programs to allow individuals to reach their optimum potential. Jay believes that sports training should be fun, engaging and safe.

Jay’s Qualifications:

Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science, RP
Bachelor of Sports and Physical Education with Management, SUSS
Has experience as Head Goal-Keeper coach & Physical Conditioning Trainer,
National Under-19 Floorball team
SEA Games Gold Medalist (2015)



Had a sports specific(football) HIIT session with coach Jay. It was my first time experiencing a HIIT session which was catered to my own sport. I felt it was relevant as I was performing football specific exercises which will help me in my game! It was an extremely fun session! After the session coach Jay told me what I could work more on and that he would come up with an assessment report of my performance from the session, which i received the next few days! That was really helpful as now i know which fitness aspects I can work on to improve my football performance! Kudos to Coach Jay and BFit team! Will come back for more!

– Haiqal

seeking therapy for meniscus tear. Balli, the therapist and Jay, trainer are quite professional. The pain management and the kinetic chain training is helpful.

Venkat Krishnan Ravikumar

The training help me gain my strength and agility back due to lack of training and game time, it also helps improve my flexibility and glute muscle for better movements during game wise.

Naim, 21, Student

By far, this is the most fun workouts I’ve experienced. The trainer, Jay Pal, is excellent at personal training! His constant encouragement and knowing when to push you to the limit is the best way to take my workouts to the next level. Jay Pal takes the time to find out what injuries I have and what are my objectives of coming to a gym is. Following that, he will create a training regime to suit my needs and abilities. Integrating sports skills into it, training in the gym is no longer the same like what I have experienced before. Highly recommended! 🙂

– Fariza, 32, Educator

I have been living with back and hip pain for a while – and I have no idea what to do in a gym – I started moving again with Jay and Bsport and it has been great! I feel so much better already – the exercises are fun, engaging and tailored to my level. We started with simple movements and are increasing intensity over time. it’s not boring! I have never done the same exercise twice. It’s giving me confidence that I can actually be in shape and motivation to take control of my health and body and most importantly my injury is getting better. I highly recommend giving it a shot – Do not worry, you do not need to be a super athlete to start!

Laurence Mourasse

BFIT has been a good experience for me. It helps me keep up my fitness and it allows my to do strengthening on muscles that are weak. I love the idea that they include a specific set of training drills that is associated with your sport. It helps us to enhance our skills, strength, fitness etc. to reach our optimum level. I’m glad that I got the chance to train with BFIT! Special shoutout to Jay Pal for the amazing job to help me reach my goals in training!

Joshua Seow Hui Teck, 28, Stretch Trainer

BFIT was my first ever experience in a gym with a personal trainer. One thing about I love about Bfit is that my trainer, Jaypal notices everything down to the smallest detail. He would ensure things such as the speed & form when doing the exercises. He would also include exercises that caters to strengthen areas which I had past injuries. Having being inactive for a period of time, Jaypal ensured my training was progressive and I felt a big difference spending a month with them! I am thankful for this opportunity to train with BFiT!

Sng Jian Da, 29, Student

My experience with BFit sport has been incredible! Came for a physio session post knee injury Balli was able to diagnose n treatment provided pain relief.He also fixed my persistent neck pain n later schedule me for strength training with Jay. Excellent personal training! Jay is very knowledgeable, motivating and encouraging. He comes up with personalized circuit training, strength training and cardio. Every session,every workout is super fun. I always look forward for my exercise session n leave the place feeling amazing! I now feel more stronger, fitter n confident than ever before.BFit has the best energy, vibe n great staff.Definitely recommend this place!!

Shilpa Tumkur Mohan Kumar, 35

My experience with BFIT started from the day I began my rehabilitation treatment for my torn ankle ligaments in May 2021. I was impressed by the Senior Principal Physio, Balli Singh, in how he showed a lot of professionalism and care throughout the entire treatment process. I also learnt more about my physical strengths and weaknesses and how to address them.

Knowing that obesity alone does not necessarily equate to poor mobility, strength, condition and balance gave me great motivation to sign up as BFIT’s first client in their Sports Programme under the tutelage of Coach Jay Pal. Not only did I get t to further rehabilitate my injured ankle, I also got to work on my fitness and refine both my goalkeeper and outfield player skills in football-specific exercises. Coach Jay Pal has been masterful so far in keeping my sessions fun and engaging yet challenging enough for me to improve physically. Now, I can confidently say that I have become stronger, fitter and more mobile from the sessions I had with Coach Jay Pal so far!

The best thing is that you do not have to be a serious athlete to sign up for this. If you are keen in getting fitter and would like to enjoy your preferred sports’ specific exercises at the same time, BFIT’s Sports Programme under Coach Jay Pal is the go-to for you. Maximum results, maximum enjoyment!

– Sapiee Sabar, 38 Teacher