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Total / Partial Nail avulsion

For patients suffering from injured toes, fungal or bacterial infections of the toe and/or nail, a day procedure may be performed to drain infected material or blood clots under the nail. This can be performed under local anaesthesia which will numb the affected toe. Discuss with your doctor to see if you are a candidate and to understand more on the risks and benefits of such procedures. 

Incision and Drainage of small abscesses

Abscesses are collections of infected material which can be difficult for your body to remove.  Depending on the site and size of the collection, a day procedure may be performed to drain and clean the collection of infected material. A swab may be taken and sent to a laboratory to confirm the species of bacteria causing the infection, this may take up to a week for results. Oral antibiotics may be given after the procedure to prevent secondary infection and promote wound healing. Larger and deeper abscesses may require treatment at a tertiary hospital. 

Wound Care and Dressings

A wound is any defect in the skin barrier which may allow external organisms access to the body. These may be post-surgical or acquired after trauma or burns. Wound dressings can be tailored to the type of wound you have sustained, and consists of special material put in direct contact to the wound to promote healing and reduce the chance of infection. Check with your doctor if you have sustained an injury which may require cleansing and dressing.


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