Shoulder Pain & Injury Treatment

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and hence very prone to injuries. Pain is often felt on the outside of the upper arm rather than in the joint itself. In most cases, if you are suffering from shoulder pain it is because your muscles are not strong enough or they are not working in synergy.


  • Ability to reach overhead
  • Carrying Items without discomfort
  • Ability to work longer and more comfortably during computer/ desk work
  • No issues to getting dressed e.g. Putting on bra strap
  • Good night’s sleep


Most shoulder cases that we handle can be treated in 4 – 5 sessions to relieve your pain. More complex issues may need more sessions. Typically, it takes about 6 – 8 weeks for soft tissue to heal. If you have a serious condition or a progressively worsening condition, your course of rehabilitation may take longer.

Sometimes, your condition may rapidly get better, and you may notice a significant decrease in pain, range of motion, and strength within 2 – 3 sessions of physical therapy. Once your symptoms are relieved and you are able to perform basic strengthening exercises, we have a return-to-sports program where our in-house personal coaches and physiotherapists collaborate to customise a plan for you. This will be done in our fully-equipped gym facility and it is tailored according to your specific needs.

The focus of these sessions is to work on increasing physical activity and gradually work towards the goal of returning to work or your favourite sport.

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