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The key is seeking treatment as early as possible. Highly recommended and certified physiotherapist in Singapore & Australia.

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Knee Injury & Rehab

Modern technologies

We guarantee modern technologies and techniques​

BFit constantly invests in modern evidence-based technologies to deliver better results, quicker. Our team is proficient and updated with the latest in painless treatments from ultrasound to interferential therapy, allowing our clients access to recovery options that suit their needs.

Our specialty

Injury and movement management is our specialty

We take the time to understand your pain, give an accurate diagnosis of the root cause, and provide you with a clear treatment plan. But we don’t stop when the pain stops. We also ensure that you are ready and able to get back to your routines or athletic pursuits.

All round support

You have a dedicated team to support you

At Bfit, we have an ecosystem of multiple departments ready to support you in every step of your recovery. From getting you pain-free, to restoring mobility to getting you built and equipped to prevent further injuries. We’ve got your back! And every other body part for that matter.


A message from Balli

Balli Singh - Principal Physio

With more than a decade of experience specializing in Sports and Musculoskeletal conditions, Balli has treated more than 1,000 patients with knee, shoulder and back issues. In his physiotherapy treatments, Balli employs the latest evidence-based technologies and techniques — such as ultrasound and interferential therapy — so clients can achieve better results, faster.

Balli graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2010. He is also trained, through post-graduate courses, in dry needling, physiotherapy instrument mobilization, kinesiology sports taping, and clinical pilates.

Be pain-free, be mobile, be empowered. With the latest in painless treatments and a team committed to your recovery and quality of life, we welcome you to Bfit.



Hear from our happy clients

Jack Keene
Jack Keene
The BFit recovery and stretch team are great! Went in for a stretch and recovery session with Josh and he was super professional. He identified specific deficiencies in my lower body for me to work on and did a great job at releasing my lower back, hips and glute area. Would recommend for any for anyone recovering from a heavy training load!
saarvesh gm
saarvesh gm
Not your typical gym. Playing football again would not have been possible without my coach Joshua. With the training programme and diet plan, it was possible to be playing football again. Coach Joshua was very knowledgeable and friendly. Would highly recommend this place.
I've seen some poor examples of so called trainers but I'd trust my health in Joshua's supervision. Thank you for the intro.
Diana Ng
Diana Ng
Gym is well furnished and there is privacy. Space is not shared with others during session so there is no added pressure when working out. Jay is good in his craft and is able to make tweaks to better feel the working out of specific muscles. He gives good and intuitive instructions and breaks down the move and the targeted muscles reached. He is competent and knows his stuff well. He is also encouraging and that will spur and motivate the client further. Very good experience here!
Lipin Tan
Lipin Tan
Been great training here. I will say results are good if instructions are followed. The gym is clean and well equipped. My trainer, Jay, is well experienced and always encouraging.
Kristine Joyce Flameno
Kristine Joyce Flameno
Tried a 1 on 1 coaching session with this studio, overall, great experience! The place is very clean, not crowded at all and the coach was very kind and patient. 10/10 would recommend!
Shafie Salleh
Shafie Salleh
Not your typical gym. Met Jay for a trial run and in the hour with him, he identified my poor postural gait; patiently heard me out about my health concerns; and worked out a programme tailored to me. All the while, explaining with much clarity why the programme would benefit me in the long term. Would definitely recommend to those who have specific goals in mind and wish to work with trainers with an eye for detail.
Alvin Phua
Alvin Phua
My daughter was referred to BFit for physiotherapy sessions by her Orthopedic Surgeon. Under Balli's guidance, she has made good progress in regaining her fitness and mobility. We are very impressed with Balli's professionalism. We felt right at home from day one as the environment at BFit is very conducive and all the staff are very nice and friendly. She was transferred under the care of Jay in January 2022 for further fitness training. He introduced a variety of exercises. Sometimes the training can be quite tough but she thoroughly enjoyed the sessions because Jay made them less gruelling through chit chats and jokes in between. The move to a bigger space at level 5 helped too especially the basketball area where she can have some fun shooting in a safe environment. We highly recommend Bfit to those who are looking for physio and fitness training.
Sunny Sidhu
Sunny Sidhu
I have been training with BFIT for a year now. When I initially started, I did so with the objective of losing weight but that has now transitioned to muscle strengthening and improving my on field performance. Shafiq curated a meal plan to aid in my weight loss and monitored my weight on a daily basis. He also comes up with various workouts to target specific requirements such as weight loss and muscle strengthening. He has not gone easy as he is results driven and which is why he has been a key factor in my transformation. What sets BFIT apart from other gyms is the availability of 2 other equally qualified and capable trainers, Jaypal & Josh. Training sessions with Jaypal are focused on on field dynamic movements which are focused on the sporting activity that I undertake, especially with the ankle injury that I carry. Trainings and games come with knocks, bruises, soreness and tightness in the muscles. This is where BFIT has also exceeded its expectations where Josh (ex-Dr. Stretch) can be turned to for much needed stretching session to aid in recovery. Deciding to focus on my health and more so, joining BFIT has been the best decision and investment I have made thus far. The support and encouragement provided by the trainers has been humbling and it’s safe to say that I have received more than I had asked for.
Yvonne Tan
Yvonne Tan
Transformational!!! Not going to look back on the unhealthy self! Thank you Shafiq for getting me fit and the desire to exercise and eat properly! Also for pushing me beyond my own limit without the fear of getting injured!