We create programmes for people who are focused on achieving health and fitness goals unique to the demands of their profession, lifestyle and stage of life.

Committed To Every Client

We pride ourselves on our commitment to every client – from identifying your goals to keeping you accountable and motivated until you succeed, while providing a non-judgmental and friendly environment for all.

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Personal Training

Focused On Your Needs

BFit is a place that puts YOU first. All our personal training programmes are designed with your needs in mind and we’re passionate about helping you to achieve health and fitness goals through a tailored, function-focused approach.

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With over 900 clients successfully trained and treated, you can trust us.

Make The Most Of Your Time

Whether you opt for one-to-one personal training or group personal training, our passionate coaches will give you the support and coaching necessary for you to succeed at your health and fitness goals.

One-to-One Training

We specialise in one-to-one personal training that helps you to achieve health and fitness goals through a tailored, function-focused approach.

Group Training

With no more than six participants, you receive hands on coaching as you would in one-to-one training, plus you get to share the cost of the trainer and enjoy the energy of training in a group of like-minded people!

Safe and Reliable

At BFIT we focus on getting a better quality of life for the client over the long haul and not just short term improvement.

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Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. Choose from one of our plans or start your free session today.

All our one-to-one training packages include a free movement screen, a nutrition consultation and 2 check-in consultations to assess your goals and progress.

Trial Session


12 x ½ Hour Sessions


16 x 1-Hour Sessions


Our classes have no more than 6 members so our coaches can maintain a high level of attention on everyone. This is a flexible, results-driven package for those who are looking for an affordable training option while enjoying a motivating and fun group dynamic.

First Session


4 Sessions


/ Pax
8 Sessions


/ Pax
12 Sessions


/ Pax


Who should I contact if I have a query?

For admin matters, call our frontdesk. For personal or medical issues, please contact the coach or physiotherapist directly.

Can I put my training programme on hold?

We understand that clients may have to suspend training at times due to unplanned travel, injury or personal crisis. Just let us know and we will work on a re-start date that suits your schedule. All clients are given a generous 5-month period to complete 16 sessions.

Can I cancel my training programme?

In the event of a serious medical condition that rules out training, we allow cancellations of training programmes. Otherwise, we do encourage you to stay committed – ultimately exercise is for your own good!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes please! We are happy to give your friend a free trial and answer all of their enquiries.

Meet Our Team

Coach, Training Manager


Close to a decade of experience working in training studios, training mostly clients between age 35-55+

Having trained over 250 clients from ages 12 to 75 over the past decade, Kai is exceptionally skilled to help diverse clients reach their fitness goals, whether it's getting them strong enough to run again after an injury or to help them keep up with the kids.

Kai has a first-hand understanding of the importance of proper form. Prior to becoming a rehab coach, he injured his knee, hip, ankle and shoulder while training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu due to poor techniques.

This sparked Kai's interest in rehab training as he started to develop skills necessary for training not just for himself but for others as well. He has since achieved certification in Rehab Training, Precision Nutrition and a Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences, among others.

"I focus on helping busy people who have stressful lives and tight schedules to eat better, exercise more and build a healthier lifestyle."



Fell in love with strength training two years ago after discovering its many benefits in addition to weight loss.

Fell in love with strength training two years ago after discovering its many benefits in addition to weight loss. She looks forward to guiding clients who are either just starting out or want to correct their form.

"My greatest strength is my patience and I take pride in explaining concepts to my clients in a way that they can understand."

I have been training with Kai on rehab for some nagging injuries as well as to achieve certain health and fitness goals. He is very attentive, friendly and professional. He is also able to explain issues in simple terms so that it is easy to understand and execute/implement. Fitness and training plans that Kai share are also simple and easy to follow as well as being very effective in terms of results.

Boo Kwok Ying

Awesome team at BFIT rehabilitated my knee when the doctors recommended surgery as my first option. So glad I seeked a 2nd opinion and went through rehab physio instead which not only helped me recover from my injury but strengtened it with core routines that is helping me up till today. I'm grateful of the help and guidance Bali@ BFIT Physio & Fitness have provided me. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking treatment and strengthening. Keep it up BFIT!

Shaun Ng

Both Balli and Kai are really good and experienced. I came several months ago with knee issues that affects my daily movements. With their help I’m able to move comfortably without knee pain and able to do hikes as well! Great location with good sunset view as well!

Clint Seah

Kai has been training me since last few weeks. He is very patient, motivating and focused. I enjoyed every work out sessions so far!

Altamash Mujawer

My lower back felt very tender after I lifted something heavy recently. Couldn’t get up from a sitting position properly. Told Coach Kai my pain. He immediately gave me a Glute massage. Felt much much better. Amazing. Was wondering why massage my glute when the pain was my lower back. Very knowledgeable guy.

Eddy Chan

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