Identify your weakest link and get customised corrective training to restore overall movement and prevent injuries during exercises.

Reach Your Peak Fitness Level

Over time due to age, illness or injuries, we may develop mobility limitations and muscle imbalances that impede our fitness progression.

Imagine that your car has a flat tyre – would you want to drive it fast? Similarly, if you have muscle imbalances, it’s equally unwise to jump into intensive training that may worsen your problem.

Our movement screen is a physical test that identifies the weak areas or underlying issues (i.e. your flat tyres!) that may be impeding your muscle function or causing pain.

After the movement screen, we recommend corrective exercises to restore and maintain your strength, movement, function and overall wellbeing.

Our Process



During the first session, the physiotherapist will observe and record the client as they perform a series of exercises designed to test their balance, movement, core activation and active proprioception.

Review & Analysis

After the session, the physiotherapist will review the video in slow motion to identify and analyse the client's weakest areas and customise specific exercises to target them.

Corrective Recommendations

At the follow-up session, the physiotherapist will meet the client again to go through the results from their movement screen and demonstrate the required exercises that will help them work on their weakest areas.

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Watch the video to find out how we conduct a movement screen.

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What Are Its Benefits?

Performance Breakthroughs

Identify and correct your weaknesses or underlying issues that are stopping you from reaching your fitness goals.

Quality Of Life

With our corrective exercises, you can keep doing what you love in a safe and effective way.

Empowerment With Knowledge

We pride ourselves in helping our clients to level up on their own fitness awareness.

I have been training with Kai on rehab for some nagging injuries as well as to achieve certain health and fitness goals. He is very attentive, friendly and professional. He is also able to explain issues in simple terms so that it is easy to understand and execute/implement. Fitness and training plans that Kai share are also simple and easy to follow as well as being very effective in terms of results.

Boo Kwok Ying

Awesome team at BFIT rehabilitated my knee when the doctors recommended surgery as my first option. So glad I seeked a 2nd opinion and went through rehab physio instead which not only helped me recover from my injury but strengtened it with core routines that is helping me up till today. I'm grateful of the help and guidance Bali@ BFIT Physio & Fitness have provided me. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking treatment and strengthening. Keep it up BFIT!

Shaun Ng

Both Balli and Kai are really good and experienced. I came several months ago with knee issues that affects my daily movements. With their help I’m able to move comfortably without knee pain and able to do hikes as well! Great location with good sunset view as well!

Clint Seah

Kai has been training me since last few weeks. He is very patient, motivating and focused. I enjoyed every work out sessions so far!

Altamash Mujawer

My lower back felt very tender after I lifted something heavy recently. Couldn’t get up from a sitting position properly. Told Coach Kai my pain. He immediately gave me a Glute massage. Felt much much better. Amazing. Was wondering why massage my glute when the pain was my lower back. Very knowledgeable guy.

Eddy Chan

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