Kai Tan

Strength & Conditioning Coach

"My focus is helping busy people who have stressful lives and tight schedules to eat better, exercise more and build a healthier lifestyle. I guide my clients along with a step by step process, and it gives me great pleasure to see them improve their wellbeing with every step they take. I am a certified Rehab Trainer, and I have been awarded a diploma in Exercise Science by Republic Polytechnic."

Kai has previously worked in both the boutique as well as the big mega gyms, so he has an intimate understanding of the different needs across the various populations. Whether it’s getting “fit for fashion” or “just wanting to feel more energetic” he will design the training solution that authentically meets your needs. 

Kai grew up around East Coast road, attending Tao Nan School and Victoria School down the road  He first began gyming in this teens to put on some muscle and enhance his self-confidence. Lacking knowledge, Kai focused on just heavy squatting. The idea being that squatting was the most effective way to gain muscle quickly. 2 to 3 times of heavy squatting over 2 years brought his weight up from a bone thin “wasted to nothing” frame to a respectable and fit looking 62kg.

He subsequently trained in grappling/Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 2 years, during which he learnt the importance of efficient movement and proper conditioning for athletic success as well as general health… the HARD way! He picked up injuries to his knee, hip, ankle and shoulder due to poor technique when training. In a strange way, his injuries became a growth opportunity for him. Forced to learn how to rehab and train effectively, he explored yoga, kettlebell training, sports massage, functional and rehab training. He ended up developing the skills necessary for training not just himself but others as well. Helping a client achieve a life changing fitness or health goal is now a source of great satisfaction to him.

Areas of Specialisation include:

·      Neck/Shoulder Pain Management & Rehab

·      Lower Back Pain Management & Rehab

·      Fitness for the over Forties.