What does it really take to get that flat tummy? A reasonably attractive flat tummy is about 15% for men and 20% body fat for women.

Do you have to starve yourself or do you need incredible willpower? If your goal is a reasonable flat tummy I would say absolutely not! But.. you do have to put up with some psychological stress.

Here’s a list of common stressors:

  1. Extra effort and time spent in planning nutrition and training. Less energy and time for hobbies and relationships
  2. Saying no to get-togethers that involve food and drink; or participating at these events and saying no to food and drink that other people offer you.
  3. Losing your drinking kaki’s (friends) and fast food friends 😛


  1. Super charged energy levels
  2. Exercise and sport is much more enjoyable, because you can move quickly with less weight on the joints
  3. Better overall health – less fat correlates with better blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Less susceptible to serious illness.
  4. Looking good by modern beauty standards, and fitting easily into clothes. Less hassle when shopping for clothes and more compliments!
  5. Can travel more, hike more, go horse riding etc.

The rewards I believe are well worth the effort! However if you find yourself obsessively counting calories, being terrified of beer or birthday cake… gently remind yourself that it’s unnecessary.

Enough Talk,
Let's Begin Now!