Hip Pain &
Injury Treatment

Seeking early treatment will make a difference in your recovery.

Hip pain is common across all age groups. The hip joint and its integration with your pelvis and lower back makes it a complex region to correctly analyse and assess for dysfunction.

Potential Lifestyle Improvements

  • Ability to walk longer
  • Able to climb stairs or slopes better
  • Lifting items safely with minimal or no pain
  • Increase periods of sitting and standing
  • Better balance and decrease risk of falling
  • Ease of mobility from sitting to standing, and getting out of bed without pain
  • Good night’s sleep

Treatment Plan

The key to solving hip pain is analysing the root cause — it may be from movement, posture or muscle control.

Most straightforward cases of hip pain can be treated in 4 – 5 sessions. Some clients see rapid improvement within just 2-3 sessions of physiotherapy — they experience a significant decrease in pain, and an improvement in range of motion, and strength. If you have a serious condition or a progressively worsening condition, your course of rehabilitation may take longer.

Once your symptoms are relieved and you are able to perform basic strengthening exercises, our in-house personal coaches and physiotherapists can collaborate to customise a return-to-work/sports plan for you, to get you back to doing what you love in our fully equipped gym.


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