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Nutrition Issues

Feeling overworked and over stressed?
Having trouble staying consistent with your diet because of a hectic schedule?
Afraid you’ll never be able to find the time or motivation to achieve the a slimmer
physique and the healthy lifestyle that you dream of?


  1. Lifestyle & Nutrition/Diet Assessment: Identify causes of weight gain unique to the client; especially foods that are causing the weight gain

  2. Portion Control: Teach client how to control portions and count calories in an easy fuss free way.

  3. Protein Prep: Identify affordable easy to prepare protein rich foodsSmart Supplementation: We teach you to use supplements to control stress and improve fat burning; excessive stress in daily life, which leads to recreation of cortisol hormone, causing more fat storage around hips. We also teach you to use appropriate vitamins & minerals help your body to combat fatigue.

  4. Fat Burning Exercise: Train client to perform crucial fat burning exercises that are effective for fat loss such as kettlebell swings and squats.


  1. Long term plan for lifelong weight management

  2. Average 2kg fat loss per month over period of 3/6/12 month

  3. Enhanced energy levels, quality of life, and concentration at work.


Mon – Fri:  0900hrs to 2100hrs

Sat:            0900hrs to 1400hrs

Sun:           By Appointment Only