Benedict Chia

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Head

Graduated from the International Sports Academy and certified by the American Council on exercise in 2015, Benedict now embarks on a journey to help impart his knowledge and skills to his clients.

Areas of specialization include:
·     Post-Rehab Training
·     Healthy Weight Loss
·     Strengthening and Conditioning
·     Sports Massage

Being a fitness enthusiast, Benedict believes in the “train right, eat right” approach and provides appropriate and necessary dietary guidelines for his clients according to their needs. This allows clients to meet their goals in the shortest time possible and most importantly, in the healthiest manner.

Having worked as a cabin crew prior to being a fitness trainer, he understands the difficulty of maintaining a healthy and regular diet and exercise regime. Therefore, he looks to the importance of getting individuals back on track to feel and look confident and healthy.

As a former athlete, Benedict picked up weight and resistance training to help better his performance in sport and has never stopped training since.

He drives to help people with common chronic conditions and deteriorating health situations and also believes that exercise plays a pivotal part and preventive medicine to one’s health and recovery.