Tips For Preventing Shoulder Impingement


Most of the activities you perform throughout the day involve the shoulder joint. This is exactly why the shoulder is highly susceptible to injury. However, not all shoulder injuries have similar symptoms. If you experience pain on the outer side of your shoulder during overhead activities, it could be a sign of shoulder impingement. Consider visiting a physiotherapy clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment.

You can get shoulder impingement from swimming, throwing, heavy lifting or any other activities involving overhead arm movements. But don’t worry! This medical condition is often avoidable with the right preventive measures taken at the right time. Here are some useful tips.

Do Warm-Up Exercises

One way to prepare your shoulder to withstand the pressure of repetitive overhead activities is by doing some warm-up and stretching exercises before the activity.  This helps improve blood circulation in your shoulder muscles, so you can perform the activity more easily.

Lift your arms up above your head and stretch them upward as much as possible. Now stoop down with your arms stretched and stop where your upper body forms a 90 degree angle with your lower body. Now move your arms back and forth like a pendulum for at least two minutes. Take rest and repeat the same exercise for several times.

Avoid Muscle Imbalance

If you regularly do strength training or weight lifting, look for any imbalance in your shoulder muscles. For instance, the muscles in the back of your shoulder may not look as strong as the muscles in the front. Take help of your physical trainer to correct any such imbalances as it can cause shoulder impingement.

Watch Out For Poor Posture

If you often need to work long hours on a computer, you should be extra careful about any bad posture. When you sit on a chair, try to keep your chest open and your shoulders stretched back.

Ken Tan