3 More Mistakes That Can Worsen Your Back Pain

A persistent back ache can severely affect your lifestyle. Although the best way to deal with your pain is by visiting a physiotherapy clinic, you should also avoid some common mistakes for the best results. Avoid the following mistakes to manage your pain better

1. Ignoring The Pain Far Too Long

Most of us tend to ignore pain till it becomes truly difficult to tolerate it. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can worsen the symptoms over time. The moment you experience back pain, the best thing to do is head to a physiotherapy clinic for a complete check-up. Your doctor will advise exercises and even massage therapies for treating the pain before it becomes adverse. A stitch in time can truly save nine!

2. Sitting Long Hours At Work

Most of us are saddled with desk jobs. This means sitting for long periods of time. However, if a back pain is peeping round the corner, it is important to be mindful about your sitting hours. Count the number of hours you spend sitting at your desk. Plan intermittent breaks and walk around or stretch a bit before you get into the sitting position again. This will help in managing your back pain.

3. Going Under The Knife Without Knowing The Risks

Unless your pain has been caused by an anatomical problem of specific nature like a herniated disc that is exerting pressure on a nerve or due to a degenerative disc disease, surgery is not the solution to your problems. Chronic back ache is better managed with the help of a long term therapy comprising of physical therapy and exercise.

A lingering back pain can also be a symptom of a more serious condition. So, make sure you consider a complete medical check-up for ruling out all complications and continue physical therapy as advised.

Ken Tan